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Enhance your restaurant’s social media platforms by using PICATEE as a marketing tool! By signing up for the PICATEE program, your restaurant will have its very own online shop featuring a range of custom, wearable branded gear that can be used to promote your business and products. For example, wait staff can promote specialty “products of the month” by wearing custom fashionable items featuring photos of such products. Additionally, photos posted on social media platforms, such as Instagram, can be uploaded to your PICATEE shop to further personalize t-shirts and other products.

Sports Teams

A young athlete’s largest and most loyal fan base is his or her family. And there’s nothing sweeter than supporting a loved one while sporting a custom fashionable item. Family members already have photos of their little sports stars on their digital camera or smartphone. Give them the option of having their memories printed on some custom personal fashionable items.

Sports organizations can take advantage of PICATEE’s hassle-free program with NO required financial investment, NO inventory, NO personal selling, or NO volunteers to help manage the program. Furthermore, sports organizations can easily use the power of social media to promote their PICATEE store!

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are always seeking extra income. With PICATEE, you can both raise funds and promote your cause at the same time! The PICATEE program requires No financial investment, No volunteers, and No selling or solicitation. You’ll have an online shop, where users can purchase custom fashionable items featuring your organization’s logo or design and you will also be able to link you PICATEE store to your social media platforms.

Social Media Influencers

If you’re a social media influencer, it’s likely you already have a vast and loyal following. Why not market yourself further through the sale of custom fashionable items from your very own online shop. Our team will work with you to develop concepts and designs for your shop, and you’ll be able to build extra revenue, all while promoting yourself.