Social Media Influencers

As a social media influencer, you run on your time, schedules and most often working on everything out of your own pocket. Picatee is here to partner with you to help you create income and increase your vast following and promotion, with no inventory and a small investment. There are many ways in which Picatee is happy to help our partners increase their social media presence and continue working the job they love daily!

Each of our influencers is given the chance to open up their very own online store and sell products specially designed by them alongside our incredible graphic design team. Our team will work with you to develop concepts and designs for your shop, and you’ll be able to build extra revenue, all while promoting yourself.
We are in search of new influencers always! Whether you have reached influencer status or are working towards it Picatee is here to help!

Are you a photographer? Travel lover? Foodie? No matter your realm of specialty Picatee is happy to work with you to incorporate your world into mechanizable products for your followers!
Email us today to find out how Picatee can help you grow!