Your product is visual. It is one of your best marketing tools. Picatee’s program integrates your products images with in-store promotion., social media, branding and merchandising.

We set-up your own store featuring a range of custom, wearable branded products that will feature your menu images.

Who wears your product?

Your wait staff, for example, promoting new menu items or specials of the month.

Your customers who can purchase a product pre-designed or customize their own with a photo taken on their phones.

Photos used on your social media platforms, such as Instagram, can be uploaded to your Picatee shop to further personalize your products.

The best part minimum financial investment required, NO inventory..NO order processing or delivery.

Any or all profits can use to assist in your involvement with local non-profit community groups or charity.

NDG Bakery

Well established Italian Bakery
In-store promotion staff wearing Picatee products highlighting their pastries and breads.


Italian Coffee Bar
Staff shirts and aprons with photo and custom graphic of a cup of coffee.
Products available for sale in-store.

Madame Dibou les Gateaux

Custom cake designer and baker. Cakes promoted on Instagram and in store.
Photo of cake is uploaded to Picatee template and and wearable products are offered to client for purchase.


Japanese Restaurant
Custom designed graphic is combined with photos of food and offered as Picatee products for sale.